TRE Motorsports

TRE Motorsports, Inc puts our 30+ years of racing experience at your service. We choose and offer what works, at the best value. Our 914-6, 993 GT2 styled road racer, and 73 RSR still keeps the juices flowing and keeps us in the loop. When you see that TRE Motorsports sticker on a car at the track, you'll know that it is equipped with the very best.

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Imagine if you had the best of the best market your car for sale. Jesse Alexander taking all the photographs.  Lee Iacocca working with buyers.  Keith Martin introducing you to the right car clubs.  Well, the father and son team of AutoKennel do just that for all their clients.

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Rebel Racing Products

Here at Rebel Racing Products we specialize in engineering performance and race 
components for Porsche automobiles.  Whether it is on the street or the track, our goal is to 
manufacture superior products that will significantly enhance the capabilities of your Porsche.

All of our products are proudly manufactured in-house using the highest quality of materials.  

Safety is our top priority so each product is extensively tested before it is offered to the public.  
We take pride in designing components that will last the lifetime of your Porsche and will 
provide you optimal performance under harsh racing conditions.

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Schneider Autohaus

Schneider Autohaus is your partner for professional independent specialty service and maintenance needs for PORSCHE, BMW, MINI and AUDI in the Santa Barbara area.

By specializing in servicing PORSCHE, BMW, MINI and AUDI, we can focus on being equipped and trained to cover your needs bumper to bumper. Be it regular preventive maintenance, software updates, repairs, rebuilding of transmissions and engines or mechanical restoration, we work hard to make you and your car happy and make a visit to us as easy as possible.

You can trust us with the care of your PORSCHE, BMW, MINI or AUDI automobile.


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Hagerty Insurance

It's all about passion. We have grown to be the global leader for collector car and boat insurance, but we're still just a family business built on a love for the hobby. Our passion drives us to keep improving our product and to give our clients the best service imaginable.

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