Our time to the event is short, so it is important that we communicate clearly on what this event is about. The Targa California isfor 1975, and earlier, era classic cars. We do allow some continuation series, and replica cars that meet the spirit of the event. In general, any 1975 or older make / model can register for the event that fits within this spirit. Using the Porsche 911 as an example, a back dated 1994 964 that LOOKS like a 73 RS (or RSR) would be eligible. A stock 964 would not. A 76 BMW looks like a 75, so accepted! We have made some exceptions for entrants that have supported us from the beginning, or your classic car broke down at the last minute; we want PROOF ! If you think your post 1975 car may qualify, because of its unique character (example Cobra replicas, Renault R5 Turbo, a newer Alfa, something special) .

Please contact the event director Dave at ASAP for pre-acceptance.
This event is a non-competitive tour ! This is not a race, there is no timing, no prizes for first (or last). We share the roads with the rest of the world out there. And as such, you will respect others and the situations you will find yourselves in. This is not a parade either. You proceed at your own comfortable safe pace. Find others that match your pace and have fun.

Entries are limited to a total of 110 cars. We sell out fast!

Please make sure to read the event Breakdown before proceeding to registration. 



POST MAY 15 TH REGISTRATION WILL CARRY A LATE FEE OF $100 . We will accept entries up till one week before the event, IF WE ARE NOT FILLED UP. BUT you may not get your apparel order filled till 4 weeks after the event . We have made special arrangements this year with our suppliers to help with this post event.

REFUNDS: NO Refunds once you process your registration! You can transfer your entry to someone else, but that has to happen before May 15. I am posting this twice so no misunderstandings. We will help you transfer your entry (so you get your money back less the membership and small admin fees) to people that may be on our waiting list. In order to make this go smoother, do NOT release your room reservations till the substitute entrant can take it over.