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The 2018 edition of the Targa California is in the record books!


We had a very successful event with minor challenges that our family members met with enthusiasm. Over 90 cars made the start with roughly 150 people. Who said herding cats was easy?  The weather was fantastic, the car makes varied and gorgeous, and attitudes were just right 

We started in Palmdale with our driver meeting Thursday morning. The parking lot was chock a block full with BMW, Datsun, Mopar, Corvette, Mini, Pantera, Alfa, Ferrari, and just a few Porsches, nothing too crazy. 

A short jaunt to Willow Springs and a nice surprise awaited up. Jay Leno had rented out Streets of Willow track for the day. So WSIR management graciously gave us use of the big track for our Touring laps! We structured the laps into three separate groups. Following the Willow visit, we took to back roads that would eventually end up at Buttonwillow Raceway for more Touring laps. Our set aside time was tight there, and not all got a chance to see experience the track there. Lunch was served , then off we went on more twisties. Paso Robles was the first night's destination with an open evening. 

Friday morning may have dawned a little earlier , and noisier than expected for our group. A prankster found the opportunity to bedeck all our cars with variations on "Used Car Lot" stickers and other items to attract the eye. A lot of effort was put into this and imagine our collective surprise upon seeing each car with something special posted on it. Post driver meeting, some great back roads beckoned that led us through Fort Hunter Liggett out to California Highway 1. On the Pacific Ocean side of the mountain we were greeted by a migration of millions of butterflies, flicking about between the trees and hillsides. Just gorgeous. 

Pacific Coast Highway was virtually empty, the the major slide to the south of our road still kept it closed going that direction. Co drivers spent the time enjoying the scenic roads, and counting how many Mustang convertibles they could tally (favorite rental car for tourists our here? )

Laguna Seca greeted us with Track Masters group hosting our parade laps . It all went smoothly with everyone getting a chance to tour this terrific track. The Corkscrew was quite the treat for all. The afternoon was open with entrants enjoying local fare, or just reliving the days past in the parking lot at our HQ hotel. 

Saturday morning started at a more leisurely time, with our usual driver meeting and a group "Graduation" photo op. Our run through the hills and other back roads brought us back to Paso Robles for the evening and our Farewell Banquet.  We will fill you in later with details on who won what award , along with lots of pictures

This event was our 10th anniversary since we started with about 35 cars in 2009. We have grown in numbers and friends. So many of you try to bring a different car to share each year. You persevere to keep going and complete the event when mechanical challenges confront you. Even to the point of major drive line parts being repaired or replaced. 

This has been an indescribable amount of fun for myself, and all of you. We look forward to another 10 years of Targa California ! 

Sincerely Yours,
David Bouzaglou-
Chief Disorganizer.