Car eligibility: 
In general, this event is open to 1975 and older makes and all models. It is not a Porsche event, BMW event, etc. It is an ALL cars event that meet the spirit of the classic era. So a 1980 300D mercedes bedecked with rally lamps and stickers is welcomed, while a new Ferrari 488 is not. Contact Dave to see if your car falls outside the pre-75 date.

Event Cost is $575 per car:
Your hotels and meals are extra except where noted below.

Lunch is included at Chuckwalla, the Observatory, and breakfast at El Rey Sol Saturday and Sunday mornings. Also included is a goodie bag with swag (you can choose sizes on the NASA site when registration opens).

Each entry gets 1 event embroidered jacket, event embroidered hat, two large hood decals, two small hood decals. PLEASE pay attention to filling out your size on the registration form. You can purchase extra items ahead of the event, but not after.

Event support:
There will be two tow vehicles with trailers and mechanics with tools. Radio and cell phone communications will be available throughout the event in case you have a mechanical need.

We have been using the local Pemex for years on all manner of engines with no problems. Concerned because your car has need for higher octane? No problem; we will introduce you to our supplier in Ensenada so they can reserve fuel for you in advance to store on one of the tow vehicles.

Cell phone service:
Most USA carriers automatically switch over once you cross the border. We will give you our contact numbers in case of emergency while you are at the event. FYI- FRS radios have a decent range and a fair number of our entrants bring them. Get ear buds so you can hear over your engine noise!

Click here to learn more.

NASA membership:
NASA membership is required for the participation in the event, which means either the driver or the passenger must have a NASA membership. The event is sanctioned and insured (in the USA) through NASA. The registration link will be posted once available. 

Entry deadlines:
Entry deadline is September 30th.
 This is so we can make sure you get the correct goodies that are included with your entry, or may have ordered extra. You may enter all the way till October 20th BUT you will most likely miss out on the swag. 

Entry Refunds/ Credits:
Cancellations before September 30th will result in a 90% refund.  
After September 30th, Entry credit only less 20% towards a future Targa event. NASA memberships are non refundable

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 Come join the Fiesta!
Any questions? Contact Dave Bouzaglou at

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Chief Disorganizer
Targa Baja California

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