Targa California April 23-25, 2015                                                                                                                                          

Targa Baja California November 5-7, 2015

Entry  open

Targa California is about people joining together with their Pre 1976 model cars * and enjoying the automotive experience of back roads, special events, and like minded people that love their cars. All in the atmosphere of having fun with out the pressure of competition. These events are not judged in any manner, other than some occasional fun gifts at the Farewell Meal. There is no set start or finish times and ALL makes of cars are encouraged to enter , as long as they meet the spirit of the event.   This event started seven years ago, inspired by another similar event that had  a ten year run. Each year we choose different roads to add to our repertoire. Sometimes we visit a winery, private car collection,  plane museum, or even do some parade laps (controlled speeds of course) on well known race tracks.  For 2015 we continue with TWO events that you can experience.     Our Targa California takes place in the Spring April 23-25, while our Mexican adventures continue with Targa Baja California November 5- 7.    Entry to the events is through NASA, our sanctioning organization. When registration is open on the NASA site, you will see the dates on the left side of their schedule calendar.


Dave Bouzaglou
Chief Event Disorganizer
Targa California
Contact: TargaCalifornia@gmail.com

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